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Kay Tutoring: Fostering Academic Achievement and Life Skill Development

The mission of Kay Tutoring is to help students achieve academic independence by teaching them a new vision and approach to their education. The educators at Kay Tutoring pride themselves on enriching students’ lives by encouraging them not just to reach out to others for help but also to seek constant and consistent self-improvement.

Why Choose Us?

Because we teach students holistically. What does this mean? Your child is a student, but he or she is also an individual: a person full of possibility and talent who needs to be treated as such. When we tutor your child, one of our tutors gets to know him or her as a person and genuinely connects with him or her, guided by the principle that every student is unique. We care a lot, and when tutors care and invest in students in this way, tutoring is more fun and students enjoy it. If your student is not enjoying the help he or she is receiving, there's something wrong!

Another reason to choose us is that we create a plan for every tutoring session and tailor that plan to your child’s unique personality, learning style, and goals. On any given day, a Kay Tutoring tutor might be highly energetic with one student who simply adores school and cannot wait to be challenged more, while being patient and gentle with another student who has just started tutoring because of poor grades or a disappointing test score. Our tutors love a “challenge” because to us, there are no “challenging kids.” Everyone is different, and we value and honor those differences.

Families tell us that one to two hours a week working with us replaces many unproductive hours spent on unfocused self-study. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with the service and results that your child deserves.